Sep 28, 2020

PLS Transfer Station

The PLS or Pie del Llano Station was a part of The Andes University project to develop a transfer station for Merida city, this was characterized by a large cover to harbor differents transport systems with the number of people that implies. The cover has a hexagonal design split in different parts and they have a high offset in order to get more ventilation, all of them assemble in a large peak in the main pedestrian access in the north-west side where a circular pedestrian bridge communicate the exterior with the interior.

Hello World!

In the programming world, the first app you may have to program and run is a Hello World printable app, it's a spontaneous tradition that I want to call here.

     As an architect, I learned how to imagine and create from my thoughts in a graphical way, understand how our world works, the role of the geometry in nature, the knowledge in the structure of the universe, and so on. My curiosity always drives me in the field of the unknown and encourages me to research, learn, and improve myself. In this way, I am researching about how the programming world is helping the manner how architects are communicating their ideas. I believe Architecture is a multilayer career, if we want to succeed in our aims we would need to learn several skills from different fields, be capable of collaborating with our counterparts in other fields of knowledge. Explore how the affiliation between differents careers and architecture can bring us better projects is a subject that in my particular case I am always intrigued about. Architecture and programming working together not only in the sub-layer that the software represents but in one layer that is deeper in the creation process of thoughts. Gets a better insight of that is the aim that I proposed of this blog. Now the question.

How Computer Science can help the architects to get a better insight into how we can improve our skills in order to boost our design process.

    However, in this blog, I want to save my shares of my projects, the new ideas I create, and the most important to share my passion for knowledge and curiosity. Also, I will start researching some fields about the issues that afflict the world from an Architecture perspective and maybe from an Architect-Programmer sight. I hope this blog can help you with your doubts and encourage you to learn more about the world.


Jose Rodriguez

Jul 16, 2020

Architecture for Social Regeneration


    Every research about the roots of the absence of wealth in Latin America always ends on one conclusion, the lack of a proper house. Making a deep study of the obstacles on the slums we can find that they begin are in the same casualty, the lack of wealth or the capacity to make it.  However, How is this lack? and how all the slums problems begin with it? If we analyze the typical house in the Latin-American slums we can find the absence of the father for very different reasons,  moms with difficulty to have enough food for their family, the lack of infrastructure, parents and young people without technical knowledge that permit them to reach better opportunities of work; in many cases the fractured base model of society, the family.

    In each case is the same problem, the lack of wealth. Thinking from an architect's perspective, absence of a good quality environment where grow up and develop their life. Bad infrastructure, no proper public services, spaces where meet and improve relationships. The politicians create incentive programs with the "goodwill" to foster people and improve their lives, but mostly those programs don't have the physical infrastructure needed to effectively complete the aim. Also, sometimes those programs make mandatory movements of people from their homes to "better places" forgetting the importance of free will and identity. Move people from one place to another without an integral plan will only end on the movement of the problem to a new place. A new question appears, How architecture can help in the lack of wealth and in consequence regenerate the society?

    Making a research of different study and approaches to this same problem, in most of the cases where the people get a new home continue in poverty., Why is this? Exist many different points of view on this problem, I choose to focus only on two of them, What are the needs of the moderns family to get out of poverty, and start to gain wealth? Access to new spaces of knowledge, skills enhances better public infrastructure and access to better job markets. How can architecture work on this purpose with a rich focus than the housing issue?

    From these thoughts surge this architectural proposal, a multidisciplinary space that brings the opportunity to inhabitants of the slums to acquire and improve their skills in order to raise their wealth and in consequence change their selves and their environment.

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